Update~ Macaron Adventures Part 3

Hello! I know it’s been a long time. Life has been busy, aside from baking I got a regular job from a well-known company. But setting that aside, I’m still active in baking (it’s my first love) and still looking for some new ideas to create!

Here’s just a short update, but basically, I’ve finished watermarking my recent creations but I’ll just post bit by bit.

Now here’s on to some new macarons (well, I’ve taken these and made these last year) I’ve made:

ganache macarons

French Macarons with Ganache Filling

The fillings are made of Chocolate and White Chocolate Ganache, I did two-tone macaron shell colors and I mixed and matched some.

ganache macarons2

French Macarons with Ganache Filling

If I remember correctly, my siblings ate all of the macarons in one seating. I must admit it was pretty good when you use ganache as a filling.

peppermint ganache macarons

French Macarons with Peppermint Ganache

I made these during September last year, since the ‘ber’ months have started during that time, I decided to add a little flavor on the ganache. Since I love Peppermint/Mint flavored chocolates I’ve decided to add some peppermint oil on my leftover ganache (both white and bittersweet) and voila!

I gave these to my friends when we met up and ate at a Korean Barbecue place last year. My friend who loves sweets was excited.

Making these macarons have been an adventure, I’m not yet a pro in making these pastries and I must admit I need more practice. I guess I should buy more almond flour then and practice during my rest days.


Macaron Adventures Part 2

DSC_4963Rose Macarons

If you can see my past posts about my Macarons, there has been a huge improvement while making them.

I have been long frustrated making these cookies since I usually can’t do it correctly. So for the past years, I have been avoiding doing this.

DSC_4961Chocolate Macarons with Mocha Buttercream

I must admit I rarely had time to practice making these pastries (it takes a lot of time and patience to get the right texture or ‘macaronage’) but recently I’ve decided to make them during my spare time. It was fun and scary to tell you the truth, since it’s been raining nowadays the drying stage of my macarons takes longer than expected but while baking and looking at them rise with the so-called ‘feet’, I was giddy.

DSC_4965Mini Mocha Macarons

For those of you who wants Macaron recipes, I used Sweetapolita‘s recipe. To tell you the truth, all recipes are the same, the only thing varies is the amount of sugar added on the recipe. You just have to handle the macarons as careful as possible and also watch videos of how the ‘macaronage’ texture looks like.

For Inquiries, add me on my Facebook account.

Also add me on Instagram: @cupcakesincbyden

Fondant Cakes

DSC_4956Clash of Clans Mini Cake

Here are my current works these past few months. Been really busy that I have forgotten to update my blog.. 🙂 Enjoy!!

DSC_4867Cosmetics Fondant Cake 6″

DSC_4853Frozen theme Fondant Cake 6″

DSC_491140th Birthday Fondant Cake

It was my first time doing a rectangular cake, and I have to finish everything within a day! Pretty challenging actually, to bake, frost and decorate all in the same day. Exhausting as well!

DSC_4858Customized Mini Cake(Luigi, Basketball and Musical Notes)

DSC_4946Customized Mini Cakes (Finn, Frozen and Michael Kors)DSC_4925Frozen theme Mini Cakes

I guess I’ve been doing a lot of Frozen themed cakes these past few months. It’s been popular with kids since the movie was released last year. I’ve been a fan of Disney movies since I was young. 🙂


DSC_4951Customized Sugar Cookies

I’ve been making and decorating Sugar Cookies for years now, it is a tedious job, but I absolutely love the end results. I’m fond of it because of it’s vibrant colors and it’s like art in cookie form. Nowadays, a lot of cookie cutter designs out there, I want to collect them all.

DSC_4949Elmo Sugar Cookies

DSC_4948Cookie Monster Sugar Cookies

I currently have more or less 300+ cookie cutters that ranges from cartoon characters, Christmas, letters, animals, Halloween, etc.

DSC_4829-01DSC_4831DSC_4825Customized Sugar Cookies

It may look easy but usually it takes 2 – 3 hours ore more to finish especially when the designs are quite detailed. When I got a hundred or so orders I usually make them by batches (around 50 per day).

Drying period of these cookies depends on the weather. I usually leave it a day to dry, but during rainy season, it takes a day and a half or two. That’s why I usually advise my customers to order 2 weeks prior the event, so that I can prepare and estimate when I will frost the cookies and the time needed for them to dry.

Shelf life of these cookies are at least a month. That’s what I usually advise my clients.

If you guys are interested to see my other designs, check out my entire blog. As well as add me on Facebook.

Macaron Adventures

DSC_4810-01Vanilla Bean Macarons with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting

Last February, an old friend of mine (back in College) ordered some macarons, I was so excited about this project and I tried the new oven my sister and I bought (a smaller one, with fan, which is awesome because it was on sale during that time).

I was so glad that my Macarons had feet, it rose up evenly, thanks to the new oven.

DSC_4813-01DSC_4815-01While baking these Macarons, I’ll always look in the oven to check if their feet has risen. It is technically the reason why there’s a lot of trial and errors when baking these french pastry.DSC_4808-01Strawberry French Macarons

I had a hard time doing the strawberry one. I think due to the humid weather while I was making them that makes it so sticky and it doesn’t dry up. But in the end I was able to make them, the fifth time I tried. Lol.

The Vanilla Bean Macarons, I added real Vanilla beans both in the Macaron and buttercream. While the strawberry ones were plain Macaron tinted with pink food coloring while the buttercream was mixed with Strawberry Jam. (I couldn’t find strawberries in the supermarket nearby so I have to find an alternative)

The fillings, I added a little bit of salt to make the buttercream not too sweet, I have some spare Macarons left and tried it and I think it worked.

I think I need more practice. Hopefully, I’ll get more orders in the coming months.

Cookies Galore

DSC_4776Chocolate Revel Bars

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Gong Xi!

Before I start, I would like to thank a dear friend for sending me a customized watermark for my blog. (Thank you!) Due to the more recent photo stealing drama hehe, I decided to put watermarks on my photos.

Been a bit busy the last few weeks of January. Been receiving lots of cookie orders, that’s what keeping me busy.

Here are some photos of the cookies I made:

DSC_4781Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

DSC_4777-01Fudgy Brownies

DSC_4788-01Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Aside from the cookie orders I also baked Cream Puffs and Eclairs.

DSC_4794-01Cream Puffs


My sister and I recently bought a small convection oven (it was on sale!). The best thing about having one is that it bakes faster than my regular electric oven (because of the fan inside, it distribute heat around the oven equally), and it’s best to bake french macarons in it. (wait for my next blog post!)

Anyway, have a great lunar new year ahead everyone! And Happy February as well!

Photo stealing.. again.

untitled-01Cakes n Cups 

Someone messaged me on my Facebook that someone stole my photos and using them to sell Mini Cakes. She told me to go and check out the Facebook account shown above. As I’ve checked, apparently she took 4 photos. It’s either she grabbed the photos here on my blog or in my Pinterest account.

02Avengers, Batman and Music themed Mini Cakes

I print screened everything before she starts to block me, as of this moment I can still access her account. Anyway, the person who informed me told me that someone was mad because she ordered cakes and cupcakes from the said seller, apparently the ‘seller’ gave her a lousy (according to the informer it was ugly and dirty) fondant cake (and the fondant was as hard as a rock) and instead of cupcakes, she supplied them with lemon squares with topper?

06As you can see, she literally had the low resolution photos.

Here’s the link of my blog post:


05Lol, funny thing is the Batman and Music Mini Cakes were ordered by Daniel Padilla’s fans last 2012.


Funny thing is, most of her photos in that Facebook account were stolen. I’ve checked some and some of the photos I’ve already encountered while looking for ideas.

To the person who stole my photos: Good Luck.

Make sure that when you create the order of your clients, to exceed expectations. If not, your cover is blown.

That’s why I prefer on posting my own work rather than posting others. Because what’s the point on having a shop? Or to bake?

And quality wise. We don’t have the same recipe. Duh.

Next time I’m going to post any of my works, I’m definitely going to put watermarks on.

For those of you who wants to check the Facebook account here’s the link: