Sugar Pieces

You might think this stuff is so easy, but in reality it’s not. Blowing sugar, using a pump-like thing then you shape it in any desired shape. Looking at the demo, it looked easy, but it’s so hard that when I was making this thing, I got frustrated. I think I’ve been able to from the fish shape after 10 tries. You have to cool the sugar down too, how to determine? Well you have to put it in your cheek. Funny? But that’s one way to know. Blowing Sugar is a technique that you must have a really long patience, if not you’ll be giving up easily.

Technically, in humid countries, it’s hard to make sugar centerpieces, the sugar gets melted easily, you must have a humidifier to absorb all of it, we have that kind of machine in San Francisco too, because the weather varies from hot or cold so to prevent from being sticky, humidifier is a must. ^_^

To tell you the truth, I miss doing it… Even though making candy sugar for modeling is tough (cooking this type of sugar requires 2 steps unless you are really a sugar expert you can have short cuts), it’s hot and you have to have the precise temperature then you have to stretch it and everything in a marble table that is oiled, you have to wear gloves because the sugar you are cooling is about 200F – 300F haha. But it’s fun a lot of work but I really had fun. =)


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