Pan de Sal


Pan de Sal – meaning salt bread.

Taking a crash course in these local bread made me realize there are numerous ways how to knead a dough. Especially these kind, they have this machine that made the dough impressively shiny.

Pan de Sal is made out of flour, yeast, water, eggs, salt, sugar and lard. Some ingredients may be added such as butter oil (for aroma), dough improver (improve the size of the dough), milk (texture and flavor) and margarine (to add more flavor). Price ranges from Php 2.00 (5 cents) to Php 3.00 (7 cents). Cheap right? This bread is good for anything, making sandwiches, dipping it in hot chocolate or hot coffee and just plain pan de sal.

How to form its shape? You have to form the dough into logs then dipped in bread crumbs and cut with a dull dough cutter and then dipped again with bread crumbs. 

Pan de sal dough can be also made to Pullman Bread, Spanish Bread, Hamburger Buns, Pan de Coco (Coconut-filled bread), Buchu and Cinnamon Roll.


6 thoughts on “Pan de Sal

  1. hi! pwede mo bang i share ang complete measurement ng pandesal mo? I’m from virginia USA gusto ko sa nang magluto ng pandesal gusto i try kung pwede.Thank you god bless

    • hi! sorry i wasn’t able to reply from u earlier. I was in training kasi. Anyway, I’ll try looking for my recipe and I’ll send it to u asap. 🙂 I’ve been busy since my training kasi eh, need to finish up some requirements. 🙂

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