Iron Chef



During our 5th week in Plated Desserts, our chef had this brilliant idea to make an Iron Chef type of competition in class. He combined two groups of four into one, and my group was the first one to go into this type of exam. Moving on, our chef chose a group leader and he told her to make at least twelve types of pastries, six types of cookies and 6 souffles that is freshly served. He strictly instructed us to serve the souffle at the right time when he checked it.

So, we go and planned everything. We even asked him if we have to make it from scratch and he told us we have to, we talked about it and some of us decided to go to school early and mise en place our ingredients so that when we start we won’t have any difficulties to get ingredients. Unfortunately, the next day, our chef told us we can’t do it, we can only do one thing, the 421 glaze because it’s going to be used by everyone in class. 

I thought we’ll be having the whole 6 hours but no, we only have three hours since our chef still have to lecture then our 1-hour lunch break. Sheesh, we can’t do anything, during lecture I was thinking of how to pull thru since I’m the only person in the group who has 3 stuff to do and those 3 pastries are hard enough to start with, our group leader assigned me to do Lemon Meringue Tartlet (thank God they didn’t tell me to make the 1-2-3 Tart Dough, the Lemon Curd we have extra in the walk-in, I only have to do the Swiss Meringue but my friend made it for me since I only have two hands), Marzipan Basket (I made the cake inside a week ago so no biggie, I have to make the marzipan from scratch and add some food coloring to add attractiveness, pastry cream is also present, and lastly fresh fruits that I have to slice and dice) and lastly Checkerboard Cookies (I have to make two Icebox type cookies, one vanilla and one chocolate then roll them put them in the walk-in for half an hour [I didn’t do this I placed it in the freezer for 10 minutes hahaha so it won’t be time-consuming.] then layer them and slice repeat the same procedure layer until it looked like checkerboard, a killer pastry let me tell you and this is what they gave me -_-).

Lecture ended and the Iron Chef begins,  what I did to consume the whole three hours that I had and to accomplish everything that I need to do was manage my time. I still don’t have any idea up until now how I did it but I managed to finish all three things on time. I vaguely remembered what happened but I know that after I briefly finish one task I‘ll do the other so technically for three hours I was working non-stop, going in and out the walk-in and freezer then continue to work, I only have time to breathe, I barely looked at the clock.

I got even frustrated because one, one of our group mates is absent and the other she is present but she is so lazy that I wanted to whack her with the rolling pin I was holding if only I had the time. Anyway after the chaotic event, when our chef was checking it I was so tired that I barely listened to what he was saying. All I know is that he is surprised that I managed to finish the Checkerboard cookies from scratch just in time, with all the rolling and layering and cutting and with only three hours to work it will take two days to complete it but since I took the short-cut haha, I made it on time. =P 

We have to set it up on a mirror plate and the souffles came out at the right time, everyone was happy. =)

He gave us a fake grade too, which all three groups got: 1274 lol. Maybe he was happy everyone did it! 😀

I was furious the next day when the other groups used Chef’s checkerboard cookies, they only have to slice it, it’s so unfair. I don’t know if chef wanted to see how will I make it on time sheesh!!!!! But this Iron Chef experience made my mind work a lot, how to manage my time and use it wisely. Oh well… one hell worth of experience.


First picture (L-R): Swans, Marzipan Baskets, Mocha Dobos Strip, Apple Galette, Mini Eclairs and Fruit Tartlet.

Second Picture (L-R): Florentines, Bird’s Nest, Checkerboard Cookies, Macaroons with Chocolate Filling, Coconut Macaroons, Chocolate Decadence, Bird’s Nest.

Third Picture (L-R): Profiteroles, Sunburst Tartlet, Mini Swedish Napoleons, Lemon Meringue Tartlet, Modern Petit Fours, Chocolate Triangles.

Mise en place – (miz a~n plas) to put everything in place.


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