Polly Pocket!

I managed to come across Polly Pocket again thanks to boredom. =) I came across a site where all the Polly Pockets listed from

 1989 (can you believe it?) to present. I was so happy because I get to see my old toys again (I lost all my Polly Pockets, I have no idea whe

re to find them anymore). I download

ed some of the pictures from


 the site which I believe I have in my collection, some of them are gifts while some, my parents bought it for me. I wish I still had them oh well time to move on. =(. My all time favorite in my collection is the Book (It’s 

a big one, not pocket-size type but Polly pocket is still small, the Star (It’s also a big one and there are lights) and the Green Shell (whe

re you can put water and a button over there and Voila! There’s water slide and pool!!!!!). The clock one is cute too, but not really my favorite. =) The rest are pocket-size so I bring them wherever I go. As far as I could remember the red-orange shell colored Polly Pocket is my first Polly pocket ever, 

and the rest is history, actually all of them now are history because my toys are nowhere to be found! =(


I have 7!!! Hahaha. Wow I miss this stuff. Polly Pocket nowadays are too big for our pockets. =( I think they made it not so pocket-y anymore since kids like to stuff their mouth with these small plastic thingees. Hahahaha. =)

Here’s the link: http://www.onlypollypocket.com/

Enjoy ^o^






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