Banana-Q and Nutella

I just had my merienda with my siblings. Our maid gave us banana-q, as I ate it I knew that the sugar coating is too thin and the taste is too bland. I remember that we had Nutella, so I took the jar and took a one spoonful and placed it on my plate I dipped it with my Banana-q and ate it, oh it’s a good experiment. =)

If you love banana and nutella crepe you’re surely to love this thing since the only difference is Banana-q is a caramelized banana while the bananas in crepe are just plain bananas. =) The sweetness of Nutella makes contemplates the missing sweetness of the banana-q itself, then the chocolate-hazelnut flavor in Nutella makes the banana-q more delicious, a fusion of filipino-american snack lol. Oh well, I’m beginning to feel like I’m Liu Mao Hsing in Cooking Master Boy, whatever with those cooking skills, I would like to be him. =P 

Too bad I don’t have a picture of it, after I brought out the Nutella and let my siblings taste it the banana-q is gone in minutes.


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