Pens Pens Pens!

I bought two pens yesterday the one with the green heart and the purple one beside it. Both are ordinary black pens but hey, who cares? I’m so happy, I finally get to add pens from my collection. There are a lot of cool new pens nowadays, sad to say I don’t have a budget for buying all of them right now. Huhuhu… =( I tried some of my colored pens way back in High School and I’m happy that they’re still working ^o^. hahahaha.. 

I used to buy them because #1 for my collection, #2 when writing in our logbook (like a diary with you and your friends writing in it it’s like a old school forum where you share all your secrets ^o^) #3 to write letters to my friends. Me and Arlene are the ones back in high school who had a very big pencil case with lots of colored pens. Our classmates and friends used to borrow it from us hahaha… sometimes for the logbook, some for marking some notes, and I don’t even remember other reasons why they borrowed it.=) It’s cool to have assorted pens, you can use anything that suits your mood. =)

My favorite is the three toned and two toned pens, it’s so cool when you use them, well you get the picture right? hehe. The picture above are some of my recent pens, the ones I bought, my dad gave me and some old pens, (the three-toned and two toned one are on the far right).


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