Party, Wedding and others

I’ve been busy with everything right now and here’s the events that happened the last three weeks of my life and the reason, why I felt really tired up until now….. Saturday, me, Jamie, Jac and Arlene went to a former high school batchmate’s condominium in San Juan, she’s getting married and she invited us to look at her condo, it’s called “Kua Ke Tseng” (I have no idea how to pin yin that word), it’s a chinese tradition that you go to the new house and look around before they get married. It’s my first time, so of course, it felt weird. I couldn’t imagine one former classmate from high school is getting married, what’s more surprising that me and my friends are invited to her wedding. Up until now, I’m still thinking why? We’re not that close to start with, we just talked a couple of times from what I remember. Whatever. So she gave us an invitation to her wedding and the four of us agreed that we should have to buy and prepare for the wedding and buy a wedding gift. It’s not easy trust me. 

Monday came, Jamie, Jac and I went somewhere in Ortigas… or is it Mandaluyong? haha… I’m lost…. =P We went for an interview, I only did it because I don’t want to come down to Divisoria. hahaha.. lol Jamie passed, we didn’t. =P hahahaha… After the interview we went to Megamall, we ate lunch then both of them looked around for a dress to buy and shoes, unfortunately they haven’t found anything. Actually they found some nice ones, but all of them are all too expensive and they have a really tight budget. After a tiring raid at the mall we managed to go to a small Ktv and sang our hearts out, we get 100 twice! hahahaaa We’re so stuck with Westlife songs… hahahaha…. some are 90+ the lowest we got is 86, and I think it was me hahahaha… =P


Tuesday, the four of us again went to Trinoma, they looked for dresses and I looked for shoes at the same time something to give for the bride and groom. Arlene found a dress, Jac was thinking twice, Jamie haven’t found any… me… nada. But we managed to buy a wedding gift, we decided to buy them a fondue pot. =)


Jac and I accompanied Jamie to her second interview the next day, after that we headed back to Trinoma, Jac bought the dress, Jamie didn’t and me… still didn’t find the proper shoes, Arlene went out with her friends in Tagaytay. =) I bought some groceries for my sister’s home economics subject and up until now they haven’t paid completely yet. =(

I think I was at home Thursday and Friday. =) I’m so happy!

Saturday, we went to Trinoma, Me, Jamie, Arlene, Jac and Sterling. Jamie and Arlene got their nails done while me and Jac went to get a new haircut. =) hahaha… Sterling.. I dunno where he went. Oh well, then we walked around the mall my hair got oily so we have to leave a little bit early then head to Jamie’s house to shower. =) hahahaha… then fix our hair which didn’t work, suprised Jac by giving her the cake which she assumed that it’s for Arlene’s sister ate some cake, then headed to Gerry’s grill to attend Jac and Cat’s birthday/graduation party. =) We were there together with Robi and Regi around 6:30 pm. Then the rest of the people came around 7+ some 8+. Jac got her biggest surprise when one of her closest friends, Vincent arrived, because Vincent told her that he couldn’t make it. Awww… so sweet. =) Got headache because of Robi’s non-stop machine gun mouth keep motoring on and on and on….. =) The night has been fun, it’s been a while but then haha there’s a lot of funny moments and some crazy.


Arlene and Jamie came around 2:30 in the afternoon the next day here in our house. We are going to prepare for the wedding, Arlene applied make-up on me and Jamie? Then jamie straightened my hair which became a little bit successful unlike the day before. =) We arrived at the venue exactly 7 pm and we were shocked to see some of our high school batchmates there…. lol I was surprised but oh well……. =) We had fun taking pictures and stuff, talking to the wedding couple before leaving the venue. We took some silly pictures in the car. hahahah… so fun. It’s my first time to attend a wedding reception of a friend, so I still couldn’t believe it! =) But I’m happy for them.


Monday came, Jamie and I went on another interview. =) And it is wacky. Jamie was called in again. But she turned it down. =)  We went to Trinoma again with her mom and we ate lunch then head back home.


Tuesday was the longest day of my life, I’m with my mom and I don’t want to be with her.. alone! =(


Wednesday, I decided to go to Arlene’s place to drop the hair straightener, then I asked Jamie if she wants to join me, then we ended up eating lunch there, then they decided to go back here and we are Yellow Cab for our snack… Barbecue Chicken Pizza is good! =D


Thursday, Arlene didn’t go to work. Haha. So she went with me and Jamie to the Job fair which we didn’t continue because it’s jam-packed. I think I will suffocate because the place is so small that all the applicants were like squished. -_-;; we ended up walking around and decided that we should go to Enchanted Kingdom this August. This is what we get when we’re talking about stuff in the past. We immediately told most of the people and I don’t know what’ll happen next. Arlene bought a book, so did I. She bought “If you could see me now” by Cecilia Ahern — I’ve read this book and it’s really nice, I cried at some parts of the book…. =) and I think they’re planning to have a movie soon, hopefully it’s not as bad as P.S. I Love You! I bought “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom, it’s really good! Because it’s true to life and really inspirational. =) The three of us wanted another book, it’s entitled “The Time Traveler’s Wife” I forgot the author but it looks interesting, I researched it and found out that they’re making a movie from that book … I have to buy it. ^o^ Another one which caught my attention was the “Twilight” book series, I have no idea why all of the people here in my country are so hooked up with that series that when we looked every bookstores, the first book is out of stuck. I don’t get it… maybe I have to read it and find out.


Friday, the whole day I was at home…  =(

Saturday, my bro and I went to greenhills, we did nothing but roam around he bought something while I didn’t =)


Today I’m stuck at home, I don’t feel like going out so here am I writing on my blog huahahaha…


This has been my life and I can’t wait for August to come! ^o^


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