Popples and Japanese Themed Home

Remember these stuffed toy? Hahaha… I love these ones, hahaha I can’t find my Popples anymore so sad =(


Anyway, I was watching Urban Zone late last night, they featured a Modern Japanese-inspired Home somewhere in Quezon City. And the house is really cool, I wish my family can afford one of those, it’s all state of the art, really expensive materials. But the kitchen is not so nice, I really don’t like the layout of it. =) hahaha.. Bathrooms, all 5 rooms has bathrooms, and WALK-IN CLOSETS. Walk-in closet in their children’s room, can you imagine that? ^o^ How I wish my family can afford a house like that. Oh well, it’s not bad to dream right? =D The architech is Chinese I believe, I’m so sleepy that I forgot his name, he also helped the owner to fight the perfect furnitures for the house and it’s really cool since it took them 1 1/2 years to complete it. ^o^


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