Weekend Trip

My friends and I went to Laguna to celebrate Arlene’s birthday in advance. =) It was rainy but we swam in the hot pool anyway. (I am not sure if it’s spring water still) We had fun of course! There’s 7 of us, well we had this target to at least get 200 pictures during our trip, Jac used her cam until her memory card became full, I had my memory card reader with me and uploaded the pictures, it turned out that we had more 321 pictures. Crazy right? But yeah, Jac, me and Sterling took turns taking pictures when we’re at the pool. Next we used Arlene’s cam, so we had approximately 100+ or more anyway, some of the pictures are blurry but I’d still keep it anyway. hahaha… 


We did a lot of crazy things over there, sneak in food and drinks, play twister, play the deal or no deal game (I won $1,000,000 hahaha…. jamie is frustrated), Jamie brought her rush hour game, Sterling and Robi brought their Nintendo DS, Sterling brought cards (UNO and Playing cards). hahahaha. Eat, eat and eat, chat about random stuff, watch t.v. humiliate Robi by saying his three favorite shows (PPG, Squirrel Boy and Akazukin Cha cha) hahahaha…. so fun. I hope we can do it again.


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