I Scream for Ice Cream!

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is probably my favorite ice cream flavor in the whole world. I won’t even try other flavors when I saw Mint Chocolate Chip in the menu. I don’t even care about the brand, whether it is Baskin’ Robbins (my favorite ice cream store, too bad I think they’ve closed down :(), Fruits in Cream (or FIC) or BTIC (Better than Ice Cream)

Huehehe… I like it maybe because I’m too fond of mints… but I don’t like the Baskin’ Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip candy… the chocolate tasted like eww.. huahahaha… 😛

When there’s no Mint Chocolate Chip in the menu, for example in Häagen-Dazs, I usually order their Baileys Ice Cream which is yummy =). Then there’s Green Tea and Mango Ice Cream from FIC that my family usually buys. Avocado Ice Cream from Arce Dairy which is not only cheap but also good and it’s cheap.

My friend made some Ice cream during our Plated Desserts class for our Baked Alaska Project. He bought real Japanese Matcha from Japantown which costs $7.00+, and he let me taste and it is Ice Cream Heaven it’s so good, he almost ran out of ice cream hahahaha I kept it immediately or else he won’t have any ice cream for his Baked Alaska! See, I’m nice. 🙂 I made Mango that time since he wanted to do the Green Tea Ice cream, but my Mango Ice Cream turned out really good, it super mango-ey hahahaha…. and my chef even asked me how I did it since Mango is one of the seven deadly fruits in the culinary world, seriously you don’t want to get there, it’s complicated. 😐 I used Mango Puree and made Creme Angliase (the base for ice cream).

So my friend and I decided that we share both of our ice cream since Mango and Green Tea is a good match, it’s like an Asian-Inspired Baked Alaska (maybe I should’ve told them Baked Mt. Everest, lol :P). It is good I’ve tried it, but there’s loads of Swiss Meringue, but Green Tea and Mango Ice Cream is good… but nothing beats my Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream… it’s still my number 1 whee! 😀

Oh… I’m craving one now sheesh… :p



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