Roosters Wings


Hooters is probably the most popular restaurant that sells Chicken wings because of their I don’t even know how to call it… lol :p, waitresses with big boobs and in roller skates who takes and serve your orders. 😐

While we are on our last stop in our roadtrip in Columbus, Ohio. My friend treat us here in Roosters Wings, there’s no girls with big boobs that guys go on drooling about, but my friend told me it’s better than Hooters. I haven’t tasted Hooters before so I have no basis or whatsoever :). 

Well, he ordered Curly fries for our appetizer and 10 pieces of Garlic Wings, 10 pieces of Medium Wings and 10 Pieces of Hot Wings. Then for the sauce it’s Celery/Blue Cheese.

I really loved the Garlic Wings but of course the Hot Wings too, we didn’t eat rice or anything just the wings and we got so stuffed. It’s so good now I miss eating it. 😛 hahahaha.. Hopefully someone will franchise it here in the Philippines… The Hooter 

girls looked like prostitutes here hahahaha… no offense :p hahaha. The ambiance of the place is like cowboy-style, well, we’re in mid-west.. hueheheh :p whatever. But the place has this for football feeling, but the service and the crew in Roosters are really nice. 🙂

I haven’t tried Hooters here but I heard it is quite expensive. I hope to try it soon… 

I’m really hungry now! 😦


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