During my stay in San Francsico, there’s this small deli shop that Yana and I used to pass by when we are walking along Battery Street. Anyway the small shop is name John’s Deli there’s pictures in his glass paned windows of the food he sells, one day, me and my friend decided to try it out and we met John. He’s the owner and he’s Korean, he sells from traditional Korean food to Donuts and Sandwiches and of course Chocolates and Drinks. 🙂 

Anyway, I tried their Beef Bulgogi while Yana tried another one, I forgot what she ordered. 😛 haha. He was very fond of us being in our chef’s uniform and all so he gave us slice or two of their Pork BBQ. When I reached my apartment I immediately ate it, and it’s really good. I really liked to eat traditional Korean food since I’ve always been watching Korean dramas and they look so appetizing and in this deli, John’s mom really cooked it the traditional way. So we came back for more, the next day we went there again and bought another dish, Yana tried the Bibimbap while I tried the Pork Bulgogi, then I also bought Gimbap, a Korean style Sushi. 🙂 haha.. We shared our food and both of us realized the Bibimbap is so good. So we ate it again the next day. I love spicy foods and Bibimbap is spicy so it’s yummy for me. 😀

Then with this Korean food crazy I was having, I searched through net and I found a website that makes me drool hahaha… a website full of Korean recipes! Wow.. I tried to do the Kimchi Fried Rice at my apartment since I bought a jar of Kimchi in Japantown since I love Kimchi, it tasted good. Sadly I haven’t cooked that again when I came home anyway here’s the link:

It’s a website full of Korean dishes, I would love to try the Tukbokki. I always see the actors/actresses in Korean dramas eat them on the street. It looks good… stop.. I just ate my dinner which consists of Adobong Kangkong, Hasa-hasa, Bihon and Adobong Pork. It’s not related but still I would like to eat different Korean dishes someday. 😀

There’s another Korean Restaurant, in Westfield Mall located in Market Street, San Francisco. Actually it’s a fast food store but anyway, the food there is good too. It’s called Sorabol, you get to chose two side dishes, I always order their Spicy Pork BBQ and Japchae (it’s a Korean stir-fried sotanghon) then they serve it with a cup full of rice and brocolli, you can get their side dish for free, Kimchi! 🙂 I always get two small cups of it haha. 😛 

Anyway I’ll stop from here. I’m missing it badly and I wanna eat it! NOW! (demanding lol) 😀


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