Sorabol Korean BBQ and Asian Noodles / Rincon Center

This is the Korean Restaurant located at the Westfield Mall’s food court, they serve a lot of dishes too. I was so bored today that’s why I tried to search the restaurant. Wow, they have a lot of outlets too… cool! 🙂 I usually buy the Spicy Pork or Chicken wheee click the link below:



I miss it now, especially the eat all you can Kimchi, I’m gonna stop before I drool. 😛

I just realized that they have one near my old apartment too… it’s in Rincon Center where I usually buy my Thai Tofu food for my lunch. 😐 No wonder it looked familiar but I just ignored it blah! 😛


Oh speaking of Rincon Center, I’ve eaten Yank Sing for breakfast. I ate their Dimsum with friends, if I’m going to rate it, it will be 2.5 out of 5. Maybe I’m so used to dimsums here in the Philippines that I find their dimsums too bland. And it’s not cheap, for one order of Siumai it costs around $10- $20, and you have to reserve and go there early since the place is always full during weekends. 😐 Oh well. 😐


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