The Modern Toilet Restaurant

The toilet-theme restaurant is situated in Shilin district in Taipei. It’s pretty funny since the chairs are toilet bowls, the tables are made of tubs. Poop-looking Ice cream and dishes that is placed in a toilet bowl or bath tub look-alike bowls. 🙂 Sizzling food with poop on the side… hmm… pretty weird. :p I’ve already seen these pictures in the Oddee website and somebody gave me an e-mail about this restaurant too. Might as well share it with everybody. If you want more pictures of this resturant click this: Modern Toilet 

This 100-seater restaurant is always packed, according to some websites that featured this trendy restaurant. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to go and eat here when I visit Taiwan. W

ebsites say that the food costs about $10 each.


The poop-like Ice cream.. I think I can eat that since it looked more of an Ice cream although it is designed to look like a poop… And the diners from these pictures seemed to love the ambiance of the place.

Pretty cool right?


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