Since last weekend we’ve been watching movies on dvd. My dad bought The Dark Knight, The Mummy 3, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Death Race.  The Dark Knight isn’t working properly so we switched it to The Mummy (it’s pirated so expect the worse :P). Then Sunday we watched Death Race. Both movies totally sucked, I didn’t even watch Death Race -_-. It’s not a good movie, trust me. 

Last Friday, I went down to Divisoria to look for boxes for our Christmas stint which is starting hopefully next week. Anyway, I went to the dvd store where we usually buy our dvd. I bought teeny-bopper ones since my sisters love them. One is Picture This and the other was Another Cinderella Story. Then I also bought the English remake of Korean’s My Sassy Girl and Kung Fu Panda! 🙂

Picture This is starred by Ashley Tisdale and I think she’s one of the Executive Producers… and the movie sucks. Sheesh it’s too lame the story, the plot everything. -_- Another Cinderella Story is starred by Selena Gomez, well this one is okay. But my sisters loved it so I have this feeling that they’d watched the movie forever. Like the first Cinderella Story, my sisters literally watched it for the nth time and now it’s in the graveyard. I didn’t get to watch My Sassy Girl yet… maybe this Monday. Lol. 😛 Kung Fu Panda is the best! I love it really. It’s funny, and Jack Black’s lines are one of a kind.

My dad gave us money for our afternoon snack yesterday. We ordered Mc Donalds, there’s this new burger that my sister tried, it’s called Crispy Chicken Burger. I forgot to look at the receipt for the price though but I took a bite and it tastes good. 🙂


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