Birthday dinner, All Saints Day…

Well, there’s only 4 of us during my birthday. But that’s okay, I only wanted a small gathering anyway. 🙂 It was funny though, I changed the venue last minute since I have no idea how to get to the first venue… Oh well… My friends and I ate at A Venetto in Trinoma (where I usually hang out when I’m absolutely bored). Hehe :p. Anyway we were supposed to eat Ice cream after dinner but…. we couldn’t find a decent Ice Cream Parlor when I saw Icebergs… we kinda passed it already so it’s to late to turn back…….. 😦 I still wanna eat Ice Cream! hehehe… I became hyper during the ride home, serously keep bugging my friends then take some pics hahaha………. 😛 too bad there’s only a couple of pictures. All Saints Day, it’s not that crowded in the cemetery unlike before. And I kind of watched some creepy stuff last night, but I didn’t got scared which is rare. Oh well.. and watched Harry Potter 5 too, I didn’t finished it though I watched it to get me sleepy since I’ve watched that movie twice I think…..

We’re going to have a Christmas Party! 😀 😀 😀 Definitely we’ll have tons of pictures here! Yay us! 😀 😀 :D… Oh i’m going to have my 50th post……….. Congratulations to me! whee!!


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