Fruity Pavlova



I was so bored the other day, I went to the site where I got these cool brownie recipe that my friend and I are selling. Anyway, I encountered the Pavlova Recipe and decided to try it at home. 😀


I just baked it a while ago and it turned out really good. The tartness of the Kiwis and Apples, I bought yesterday from the grocery balances the sweetness of the baked meringue and the whipped cream just added the creamy factor to it. I added some Pineapple chunks and Ponkan to at some sort of fruity sweetness. 🙂 Instead of using white vinegar in the meringue, I substituted it with fresh lemon juice. My mom loves it and I loved it too! The bad thing about this cake is that it can only stand for a few hours, hey, it’s a meringue technically in baking, meringue doesn’t hold its shape that long! 😀 😀 😀


I still have some left in the fridge, my mom was like in heaven and she’s telling her BFF that its good. Too bad, it’s made out of meringue! Nyahahahahahaha… 😀 😀 😀


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