One week of food and fun!

Okay. It started, tuesday to be exact. My friends and I (me, Lene, Jamie and Sterling) went to Trinoma to see Michael Johns’ concert. Too bad we didn’t get a seat but it’s alright. All I can say is that he has a great voice, I’m not a fan of rock songs but I enjoyed watching him sing. πŸ™‚ During that afternoon me, Lene and Jamie watched The Women, it’s a pretty cool movie, because all of the people in every scene are all women, you’ll never see any guy except in the end, when a baby was born. We ate at Teriyaki Boy for dinner, I’m so stuffed. πŸ˜€

Wednesday, me and Jamie baked some brownies and revel bars since we have some orders up. After that we’re done but I’m so exhausted that I get to sleep early (11 pm is early for me).

Thursday! It’s my grandmother’s sister’s birthday so that makes her my… grandaunt? πŸ˜€ We ate a typical chinese feast at Gloria Maris. I gave my aunt some samples of our products.


Friday… I think I didn’t do anything. I just forgot to take the pizza out from the toaster oven.. sheesh. It’s supposed to be my afternoon snack. Maybe I’m just to sleepy. πŸ˜€


Today is Saturday. Me and my two younger sisters went to our grandma’s house for lunch. It was supposed to be a post-birthday treat for my pregnant aunt. She was there and her stomach is big. She told me that she’s due first week of December and it’s a boy and my cousin’s name is Shawn (I dunno how to spell the Shawn thing it might be different) Gavin. Oh well whatever. We ate spaghetti (our breakfast at home was spaghetti also, but I didn’t eat), fried chicken, rellenong bangus (stuffed milkfish) and lechon (roasted pig). Yummy then I fetched my mom in the salon and we ate sucker noodles at Daifu. It really sucks eww.. I won’t even bother to eat there again. πŸ˜€ Then at home we still have spaghetti (It’s like noodle day! What is wrong with you people!), chicken pandan and I forgot the veggies…. I’m just too stuffed to think about it right now :|.


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