Dinner at Omakase (Moxy’s Birthday Treat)

Before eating dinner, me and the rest of the drama clubbers agreed to go to the Christmas Bazaar held at the World Trade Center, last monday. So Moxy and I commuted from Quezon Avenue to Makati using MRT. 🙂


MRT – we waited for 5 trains to pass before we could get in. Since the passengers are so uncivilized they’ll sandwich you yet they’d still complain that you’re the ones pushing them. Lol. But I pushed them anyway, since I was the one being pushed and sandwiched just for the hell of it I literally pushed them, they asked for it. Moxy got stabbed by the white shirt lady’s heel. Didn’t even say sorry sheesh. 🙂 


Anyway, Daddie-o met us up at Glorietta, but I bought some bread first from Breadtalk since I was getting hungry (didn’t eat breakfast). Went to the airport to fetch the Madame totters after that ate lunch at Shakey’s at  Blue Wave. After that went to WTC and walked around to see if there are any nice gifts to buy (I didn’t find anything good). After that we headed back at Moxy’s place just for a while then head to Omakase.


I always love Japanese food, especially Sushi. Whenever I go and eat at any Japanese food, I will always look for sushi first. Yum.img_1942JSC Platter 

Ms. MIA came too. Lol. After dinner we did was take pictures outside. After that the four of us except Ms. MIA went to Iceberg’s and ate Ice cream. Hahaha.


We had a lot of fun that day. You don’t need a lot of friends to be happy. Look at us! We’re happy! Whee..

For more info about  Omakase, visit Moxy’s blog. Just click the link on the right side bar. 🙂


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