I made Bibimbap yesterday for my family. On top is the unfinished Bibimbap since I haven’t placed the egg on top of it yet. Bibimbap consists of rice, stir-fried beansprouts, spinach and shitake mushrooms, Bulgogi (which I also marinated and grilled) and seasoned Gochujang paste. My mom loved it since she’s been curious about the dish ever since she saw the Korean drama “Full House” starring Rain and Song Hye Gyo eating it. Lol.dsc01104

The picture is blurry and in low quality…. I need to buy a digicam. Or the SE C905 that I wanted. Hopefully soon. 😦 hahaha. Bleh


I love this dish, it’s good and tasty. All in all I love Korean food! Hehe. I’d like to try some of the dishes that I found interesting I hope I get to try it soon!!!!!!!!!


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