Pizza Sardinella

Shakey’s Sardinella Pizza

My mom told me that she ate this pizza a few days ago at a friend’s house. 🙂 But she forgot the name of the pizza, so I called Shakey’s yesterday and asked the name of the pizza with Sardines in it (I went to their website I didn’t found it), they told me it’s called Sardinella Pizza (my mom told me it’s Salmonella hahaha :P) . Luckily my mom was in the mood for pizza so we ordered the Super Slam or Mega Slam (18-inches). It costs Php 638 and it includes a 1.5 liter Coke. 🙂

This pizza is not that oily, unlike Yellow Cab’s (but I still love Yellow Cab’s Manhattan Meatlovers!). It’s also pretty cheap, compared to the cab’s too. The pizza consists of Spanish Sardines, tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, chili peppers (It’s spicy! YUMMY! :D) and some bits of cheese (I think it’s either mozzarella or another type of cheese.)

For those people who isn’t fond of beef, I think this pizza is good for you. It’s also nice to eat this during the Holy Week! 🙂 Call Shakey’s at 77777 for your orders! Enjoy! 😀


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