Chocolate Truffles

dsc01206Chocolate Truffles


My oven wasn’t working so I wasn’t able to bake anything. I already called La Germania and they told me they will send someone here tomorrow. 😀

Anyway, before Holy week… one of my friends told me to make something that doesn’t need baking (knowing that my oven is not working). I told him truffles so he ordered a box (35 pieces). I made these the day before he picks it up and let me tell you, with this kind of weather we have here in the Philippines, you’ll surely need a chocolate room in making this! It’s so hard, it melts right away! So frustrating I have to put it in the freezer so I can shape the truffles in balls.

I got this recipe from Barefoot Contessa. I tasted it of course, and I think it tastes wonderful. It’s Chocolate-y and it’s easy too! 😀


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