Homemade Snickers

07082009205Homemade Snickers

I made these yesterday. Well I had a little hard time of slicing it up and dumping it in the chocolate. 🙂 But I figured it out in the end. I have to put it in the freezer then slice it up! Sheesh. 🙂

But it’s fun making it. I used Semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of Milk chocolate chips since I think it’s already sweet. Then I added some butter so the chocolate will have some shine it in. I also used pecan nuts which I toasted instead of ordinary roasted nuts. 😀

A little warning though, when letting the chocolate dry, it’s either

you put them at room temperature @ 70F or put them in the

fridge, do not put them in the freezer, they tend to sweat afterwards.

My sister’s loved it, even my brother who told me it tasted like the real Snickers™. Maybe I’ll name mine… SNAIKERS.. haha. since I remember when I was in our store before, we sell Snickers™ bars per piece, then one customer who’s kind of a bitch asked me out loud, “How much is your SNAIKERS (Is-nai-kers)?” my brother and I tried to hold our laugh until she bought it and left. Haha.. Oh those were the days. 😀


The dough



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