Chocolate Beehives

07242009318Chocolate Beehives

I’ve been working in the kitchen almost everyday because of my mom. Hehe. She keeps on telling me to do this and do that. 🙂 So this is another work that she told me to do. Chocolate Beehives. I’ve seen this in malls, so I decided to try them. 🙂


The base is made out of brownies, so I made some thin brownie base for it. I like this brownie though, I tasted it, it’s not too fudgy, it’s just right. 🙂


After baking the brownies, you make the Italian Meringue. I was kind of nervous of making this at first since I haven’t made them for months now. But it turned out pretty well. Pipe them on top of the brownies in swirling motion several time to make it look like a beehive.

Then make the ganache, I honestly don’t like the ganache I used in this recipe. It’s too thin, just look at the picture above. I didn’t have almond slices so I just sprinkled them with Sprinkles. And then voila! You have beehives. The meringue is marshmallow-y in texture. It’s funny really. Hehe. 🙂 My sister’s loved it since she likes meringue stuff. 😀


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