Caramel Apples

08092009413Caramel Apples

My sister asked me to make some caramel apples for a long time now. So I made a batch for her yesterday. 🙂 I thought my mom won’t eat the apples since when I told her I’ll make some, she made faces. But when I was starting to make these treats she told me she wanted one. I even asked her, “I thought you don’t want to eat caramel apples?” Then she replied by saying, “I didn’t say it.” Well, whatever.


I had fun making it because I get to roll it in sprinkles and nonpareils. Too bad I don’t have nut to go with it. I love the apples with nonpareils or sprinkles since it added some crunch on the apples. The caramel is not to sweet either, (there’s 2 cups of brown sugar, 1/2 cup of maple syrup and 1/3 cup corn syrup in it plus heavy cream) maybe because are apples are tart in flavor or I don’t know. Haha. 😛 I made 11 caramel apples yesterday and there’s only one left in the fridge. 🙂


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