Blueberry Cheesecake

08102009415Blueberry Cheesecake

I made these yesterday and I used gelatin so that I wouldn’t bake it anymore (except for the crust though :D). I used Comstock’s canned blueberries as topping.

If you want an quick but elegant dessert for parties, etc. I suggest you do this since it saves a lot of time. Unlike baked cheesecakes where you have to bake them under water bath for an hour or so. 🙂 Then you have to cool it down then refrigerate it at least over night for the cheesecake to set. Unlike these no-bake cheesecakes, you just mix the cream cheese with the sugar-gelatin water mixture then place it in a mold and refrigerate it for at least three hours and your good to go.

My mom loved it and said this cake is much better than the baked ones. (I prefer the baked ones though, since it’s traditional in a way)


I also love blueberries, to bad fresh blueberries aren’t available in some supermarkets, only on selected one and it’s seasonal.

I think the taste wise, no-bake cheesecakes and baked cheesecakes are somewhat alike, their difference is their texture since baked cheesecakes contains eggs and a little bit amount of flour, which makes the cake more richer in flavor and the eggs coagulate making the cake bind together. You can add heavy cream and sour cream in both methods too but not the eggs since no-bake cheesecakes aren’t cook, it was just gelatinized, raw eggs may cause Salmonella haha! Scientific right? 😛

Anyway I need to stop blabbering, I’ve said too much already! 😀


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