Pastry Training

Hello hello! 🙂 It’s been a while since I last updated here. The reason why is that I’ve been in training for 3 weeks. It started last September 14, we were supposed to be finished on October 2, unfortunately Ondoy came and our training got suspended for a week.

The reason I had this training– well I didn’t apply for it, I wasn’t even aware that they’re hiring Pastry Assistants so anyway they called me up and asked me if I was interested applying for the position. Of course I agreed. You know why? Because it’s a cruise line. I’ve been dreaming of working in a cruise ever since I started studying culinary arts here in Manila. So yeah, it’s either Hotel or Cruise for me. I’ve applied a lot of jobs ever since I came back here in the Philippines and they either ignored me or just simply gaah. I don’t know. But according in their job listings they need entry level workers -_-;; annoying right? So when they called up and explained that this cruise line was hiring some new workers I didn’t pass up the opportunity and told them I’d go for the interview.

I was interviewed by a German chef(?) and told me that they have their own training center, etc. And asked me some questions about baking and stuff and told me he’d list me up for the training. That was July, around end of August they called me up and asked me if I was still interested for the position and if I am ready for the training program. I said yes and told me to come

over the agency. I went there and gave me some stuff of requirements to complete (which I failed to finish everything, lol) and September 14 came.

We had a brief orientation and house rules (we have to stay in the training center, and we get to get home Friday afternoon). Every friday we have this Assessments, and the third and last one was the big one.

Throughout the first week, I was kind of having trouble placing myself in the kitchen. I was kind of confused with what the instructor told us to do and with what I’ve learned from Le Cordon Bleu. I was also so depressed since my Genoise kept on playing on me (my cake did rise and then fell, horrible). I did it again and it didn’t work. I was telling myself I might not able to pass this thing. Then thursday came and we need to make another Genoise for our first assessment on Friday and you know what? My instructor picked me first too, we went by two’s. I was crying inside. And asked myself “Why me?” and then kept on chanting, “Third times a charm.” Well, I made a pretty Genoise that day, I was so happy. During my first assessment, I was so nervous. We had an hour to cut the cake in layers, build decorate, and make creme anglaise. I manage to finish it within an hour with panic and nervous

ness in my body. Even my classmates kept on teasing me that they can see that I’m so tensed. -_- (My classmates are already working in the company they just need to pass this training so that they can work in the cruise line again)

After the instructor told us to clean up, I looked at my cake and was surprised that I evenly portioned the genoise, buttercream and the whipped cream. I even told my classmate that this was the first time I managed to layer all the fillings and cakes evenly. And he joked that I should be nervous every time I’m working. I didn’t get the pictures of my assessments except for the last one, hehe.. but I have some pics of what we did throughout the first week:


During the second week, the instructor showed us our grades, lol I got 75%. I passed, lol funny it seems. Hahaha. I guess I got more comfortable with everything that I managed to work up my guts and do what I’ve learned to do in baking, except of course when the instructor is around.

I’m the only girl in the group lol, and they call me bunso. Since the new guy and I’s age are the same lol, but they still call me bunso.

So anyway we got a lot closer and I even join them when they had drinking sessions, they drink beer while I drink some apple juice. Hahaha! I even brought my laptop with me and surf the net during the night and chat with my friends. The second assessment passed by quickly and the instructor showed us our grades, I got 80%! Hehe…


After the aftermath of Ondoy, we went back to the training center Monday morning. Then one of the heads of the center told us since all of us are already there to finish the day’s training and we can go head back to the city and help those people who are in need. So we finished up, thank God that it was only baked and stirred custards day. We finished early~~

After a week of rest we came back and finished all the tasks at hand and the final assessment came, first was the written exam and the next was the skills assessment. Where we have to make our own modern cake + 6 custard desserts + 6 souffles + Creme Anglaise + 12 pieces of cookies (Almond Macaroons). We have to finish all of these in 3 hours. Good thing we made our bases and decorations the day before.

I made Green Tea mousse as my modern cake and my instructor asked me what kind of stencil am I going to use for my Joconde, he suggested that I should make Japanese Characters, I told him I couldn’t write Japanese characters but I can do Chinese lol and he agreed since Green Tea can also be found in China, whatever. So here are the pics from my last week of training and my cake for my final assessment. 🙂


I learned a lot from this training, especially the ship life. What they were doing, homesickness everything. I passed the training by the way. I just hope that at least one of my classmates during the training will be there in my assigned ship, that way I won’t get out of place! 🙂

The last picture was my contemporary cake it’s a green tea and mango fusion (since they both go very well together). The base and the sides was made out of Joconde sponge with stencil, lol I wrote the Chinese characters inverted so that it will come out of the sponge the right way and my instructor was telling me how can I write Chinese characters inverted when he can’t even write inverted abc’s properly. I just laughed at him and smiled. 😛 Anyway back to the cake, after the Joconde I placed a Japoinaise meringue to add some crunch on the cake (The chef is looking for three textures, crunchy, smooth and creamy), then I added half of my green tea mousse and layered a Mango Pastry cream in the middle when the mousse was set and dumped the rest of the mousse batter. The glaze was made out of Mango puree, Apricot gel and water and the decorations are Chocolate and Tuiles. 🙂


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