CLAY and Cupcakes :)


It’s been a while. Been busy last November.. 😐 but it didn’t turn out great 😦  I didn’t pass the medical exam because of my asthma so my dreams of working on a cruise is over. 😦 I wasted tons of money, *sigh*. Instead of being depressed, I decided to make clays with a friend and sell them online (we’re on the costing basis right now, and we’ll open soon so watch out for it ;D) The picture above was my second attempt — the first attempt wahahaa i don’t have the picture so look at er|sed’s blog (see links) to see XD it was burnt, we went to Jv’s house and played the clays XD, it’s supposed to be a pendant, you can also make it a keychain or a brooch. 🙂 Lol FOOD 🙂 hahhaa. 🙂 The base is 2 inches long 🙂 hehe. It’s good for giveaways and gifts this christmas.

I also made some bear (that looks like a dog o.o), 1UP mushrooms, and cupcakes:

Aside from that I made some cupcakes today, my friend from training ordered 25 pieces from me since it’s her son’s birthday! 🙂


Hehehe.. I haven’t made clays this week, but I will try to make some next week. I’ve been in and out of the house doing some errands so there 😀 😀 😀

I don’t feel the spirit of christmas… do you feel it? 😦 Sad right?


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