Clay Accesories and 100th post

OMG! My 100th post. I can’t believe it. Haha..

Anyway i’ve been idle for a while so I’m going to make an effort to make two entries tonight.

The picture above was made from polymer clay I made and gave it to my friends for Christmas, since I ran out of ideas what to give them last year. So there. (I hope they like it *u*)

Anyway it’s not easy making it. It really takes a lot of your patience and time. But it’s pretty fun. My first time, I made one piece for three hours. Now I can make a couple of pieces for 3 hours.

Here are some of my works:

I love the onigiris. I saw them online and tried making it yesterday. 🙂 Haha. It’s so cute!

The puppy.. my sister told me to make them, she wants to give it to her friend. So yeah, that’s the first one I did today and after making it I felt dizzy. It really makes you stressed sometimes, but when you see the end result, you’d feel proud. 🙂 I’m not a professional yet but at least I tried making it for the first time and with the satisfaction my sister loved it. 🙂

I’m supposed to make some takoyaki charms earlier but I forgot. Instead I made more cupcake charms! LOL. Silly me.

If you want to order just PM me or just visit Peppermint Trinkets‘ multiply site.


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