Chicken Macaroni Waldorf Salad

Chicken Macaroni Waldorf Salad

I also made this last December, while my mom went grocery shopping at Savemore in Del Monte. Some mayonnaise brand were promoting their product and had a free tasting of macaroni salads. My mom loved their Chicken Macaroni Waldorf Salad and told me to make it at home, we bought the stuff and you know what happens next.

I made them! Haha. 🙂

But instead of just rubbing the chicken fillets with just salt and pepper, I decided to marinade it with some Calamansi Juice, salt, pepper, and dried Rosemary (rosemary + chicken = heaven). I marinated the chicken while I was slicing the veggies, and apples. Then fried the chicken with olive oil, sliced it, cooked the macaroni toss it with the veggies, apples and nuts (oh yeah, I toasted some cashew nuts) together with the mayo. Added the chicken on top and some more toasted cashews and voila!

You might think in this picture that the bowl is so small, you’re wrong! It was a big bowl. And everyone loved it, the next day it was gone!

I love my siblings. Haha, yes, they consumed everything! 🙂


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