Froyo Addiction

Hello hello… I apologize for not updating that much. The reason is I’ve been busy with orders from our Online shop.

Anyway, I have to admit that I’m a certified fro-yo addict. 🙂

Chocolate Fro-yo by Tutti Frutti

I saw Tutti Frutti at SM Megamall before but never tried it, but a few weeks ago I decided to try their fro-yo since I’ve already tasted Red Mango, California Berry and The White Hat. 🙂

The most cute thing in this fro-yo shop is you get to get your own yogurt and put on the topping of your choice as many as you want. Then you weigh them, for every 2 oz. it’s Php 20.00. 🙂

When I went there I really wanted to try the Blueberry flavor first (because I love blueberries) , when I pulled the lever down, nothing came out so I tried the other one and I got Chocolate.

I was hesitant at first since I thought the Chocolate flavored fro-yo will be tart. ~_~ Anyway when I tasted it it’s good. But then I was still aiming for the blueberry one.

The next week since I’m having another meet-up orders, I decided to try the blueberry flavored one. Finally, okay I’m biased to tell you the I like it. 🙂

Blueberry Fro-yo by Tutti Frutti

Another week, I was there again and decided to try Green Apple. 😀 It’s like eating crybaby fro-yo LOL! And I was frustrated since I keep on getting the bluish-green spoon and then I got the yellow one again. They have purple you know hahaha, 😛 . Then the next week I was with my sister, I tried their strawberry and banana while she tried coffee. Both are good. 😀 I finally got the purple spoon. Hehehe.

California Berry’s Blueberry Fro-yo

When I passed by one time at California Berry I saw, Blueberry Yogurt. I tried it as well. Hehe. It’s much creamier than Tutti Fruitti’s but I like all fro-yo stuff, I love yogurt. I love food. 🙂

Tutti Frutti is located at SM Megamall’s the Atrium. Their website: Tutti Frutti

California Berry is located at the lower ground floor of SM Megamall Bldg. A. Their website: California Berry.


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