Green Tea Cookies / Oatmeal Cookies / Blondies

Green Tea Cookies

I finally got the time to experiment these cookies. I’ve been thinking of making it for quite some time already, only a few weeks ago I got the time to experiment on and try it. Anyway the results are really awesome and my family loves it.

I love green tea so I guess I love these cookies.

Oatmeal Cookies

Everyone asks Oatmeal Cookies, so I tried and made one last week where I don’t have any internet and was bored to death! Hehe. It turned out great though. I’m happy. 🙂

I love the taste of this recipe with a hint of cinnamon, then the sweet chocolate chip and then the crunchiness of the walnuts. It’s all perfect.


I’ve tasted these type of brownies while I was having training in Antipolo and it was good. 🙂 So I researched some recipes it turns out that Blondies and Butterscotch Brownies are the same. I like the taste and it’s fudgy too! You won’t be able to see the nuts though and the white chocolate chips, actually I think the chips have melted during baking. LOL. I didn’t see any white specs inside. :\

Sorry for not blogging for a long time. I’ve been kind of preoccupied with stuff. 🙂 Ciao~ 🙂


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