Chocolate goodies from Japan~~ Cupcakes ~~ Tiramisu

In exchange of one puppy, my dad’s friend gave us some chocolate goodies from Japan.

It’s a Cherry Blossom Tea flavored Kit-kat! (The other Kitkat flavor that my dad’s friend gave us was Strawberry-flavored one.) 🙂 Kitkat is one of my favorite chocolates of all time, my first love is Twix, then Kitkat, Mint M&M’s, and Maltesers.

It’s really good, I really loved the flavor it really blended well with the white chocolate. I heard from a friend that they released a green tea flavored Kitkat too! I hope I can find one or someone can send me different kitkat flavors from Japan! Hehehe.

Do you remember this character? I do! I also remembered that I have two lunch boxes with her face on it. This comes with the Kitkat Package we received. The candy tastes like white rabbit without the paper on it. I think I finished this candy on my own since my siblings isn’t fond of it. 🙂 Hohoho. This character brings back old memories. 🙂

Someone ordered 24 pieces of chocolate cupcakes with mint frosting for her daughter. Hahaha. I had fun making them. They’re so princess-y haha, well the celebrant is a girl.

Here are some of my latest Clay Creations, you can find them at our facebook account. Just look for PeppermintTrinkets Tan. 🙂

Sorry if I haven’t updated lately, I’ve been busy with my clay stuff and this one. I can’t wait for Monday though, my friends and I are going to PALAWAN. 🙂 First time going there, and I can’t wait! 🙂


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