KFC California Twister, Cupcakes and Rice Crackers

KFC’s California Twister

Hahaha Sorry, I took a bite out of it  so that I can take a picture of what’s inside. 🙂

Actually, I like this better than the first KFC Twister, the one with pepperoni and cheese. I think my version is way better than theirs. 🙂

Any who, aside from the cucumber, mayo and mangoes, they added a hint of wasabi that made this wrap yummier. And with every order of this twister entitles you one raffle ticket where you can win a trip for two to Singapore for the F1 night race to be held by the end of this month with $500 pocket money. It’s a 4 days 3 nights stay with hotel and food accomodations. 🙂

If you didn’t win the grand prize you get coupons from Crocs (it’s a Php 1,000 gift check) and KFC (coupons for California twister). 🙂

Rice Crackers

Hahaha. The picture above was one of my favorite junk foods of all time when I was back in the U.S. Whenever I go to Japantown in SF, I’ll always buy a pack of these rice crackers and munch them from time to time at my dorm. (It’s either these or Twix!) I was ecstatic when I first saw these at Saizen, Robinson’s Galleria, I refused to buy them while I was there since I’ll be going somewhere after that and I’m lazy to carry them along. Hehe.

When Saizen in Trinoma opened a few months ago, the first thing I searched was this. Since it was newly opened, I guess they’re just bringing in their stuff little by little. But anyway, when I dropped by earlier and saw these I bought them immediately. I was so happy and I’m gonna buy another one again when I get back! HAHAHA. I missed eating it! 😀 😀

Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting and Royal Icing Letters

I’ve finally found the right recipe for Vanilla Cupcakes. 🙂 The ones I made before was so heavy, when you eat it, it’s kind of disgusting, so I tried another recipe and it worked! It’s Light and fluffy, and weightless to just like the chocolate cupcakes. I met up with the client (I actually met up with her daughter in the end) earlier today. Isabel is her daughter’s name by the way. So if ever she dropped by on my blog accidentally, again, I’ll say it. Happy Birthday Isabel! I hope you had a fun and exciting day! 🙂 And for Ms. Pam thanks for ordering. 🙂 Really appreciate it.

Oh, as for the royal icing, I got the right recipe and I know what to do now. HAHAHA. My next blog entry will probably cream puffs, buffalo wings and mini fried chicken (korean version). So wheee!! 😀

New theme! Finally! Hahaha. I like this new one. What do you think?


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