Buffalo Chicken Bits and Korean Style Fried Chicken

Buffalo Chicken

My mom bought chicken breast for me so that whenever I want to cook something, I have some stuff at home. I love chicken, who doesn’t? Hahaha.

I love buffalo wings, I found this McCormick Buffalo Wings marinade and decided to buy one. So instead of using wings, (it’s my least favorite part of the chicken) I used chicken breast instead. Haha. My sister loved it, although I think original recipe for buffalo wings are the best, especially Rooster’s back in the U.S. I haven’t tried Hooters ever, but my friends say that Rooster’s are better although it’s not as popular as Hooters, I think that establishment is only popular because of the big boobed waitresses. πŸ™‚

Korean Style Fried Chicken

Hahaha. The dish looks the same huh?

I love Korean food, it’s one of my favorite cuisines aside from Japanese, Italian, Filipino and Chinese.

I saw this cool blog site full of Korean recipes, when I saw this, I immediately scrolled the recipe and check if I have all of the ingredients needed, good thing I do. I just have to buy some stuff since I used them up. πŸ™‚

This fried chicken’s sauce is sweet and spicy, it’s really yummy especially when eaten with rice. I think it’s also good for snacks or for parties with friends and stuff.

My sister loved it, she keeps on repeating that she wants the korean fried chicken. Hehehe.

The chicken was fried twice, so that it was crunchy, then you boil the sauce and toss the chicken together with it. πŸ™‚


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