Before 2010 ends


Hmm.. before 2010 ends, I would like to share some of the highlights of my year:

1. Opening of my online shop: Cupcakes Inc. by Den (check it out on Facebook) and Peppermint Trinkets by Pam and Den. (although due to my business I haven’t logged in for quite

some time now 😦 try checking it out on Facebook as well, it’s Clay accessories shop :D)

2. Palawan adventure with Jamie, Jac, Arlene, Mike and Sterling.

3. My birthday.

4. Meeting new people.

5. New puppies – Skittles, Pancake, Kimchi, and Skippy (Shih tzu’s). Mishy and Brownie (Golden Retrievers).

6. Birthday and Christmas Gifts.

7. My new phone. 🙂

8. Christmas Party.

9. Hanging out with my friends.

10. Being super hectic. 🙂

My wish for this coming new year:

1. More work.

2. More ideas for my online business.

3. Be a busy bee.

4. Buy more books to read.

5. Be happy.

I know this is a super short entry. But all is well that ends well. Happy New Year guys! See you next year!! 🙂


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