“The Hello Kitty Project”

I have made these orders around the first week of April. Hehe. 🙂 Anyway, a customer ordered 100 pcs. of individual packed cupcakes and a 2-tiered cake (Chocolate Butter Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting).

I was kind of scared to do a 2-tiered cake since it’s been exactly 4 years, I was way back in culinary school when I did it. Anyway, it worked out in the end since I’ve been able to pull it off. I just have to search for the right cake. For tiered cakes, there’s two things you have to remember: the cake should be heavy. Butter Cakes and Pound cakes are best used for tiered cakes. If you use Chiffon or Sponge, well then good luck, those types of cakes aren’t recommended since those cakes are light (with the use of meringue to fluff it up). You also have to use straws. You have to insert straws on the first tier in order to support the second one. Cakes even though you’ve used a heavy one can still be delicate so support is still needed. You insert around 5 – 6 pieces of straws in the cake where you want to put the second tier. This acts like a invisible “pillar”.

Chocolate Butter Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (Hello Kitty themed)

My client wanted a chocolate cake, so I tried and search for the best cake over the internet. Luckily, I found a good one. It was the first time to bake this recipe and when I tasted it it’s really good, I was happy that it turned out well. It’s really moist even if I placed it in the fridge overnight, I tasted it again the next day it’s still moist as the day before. I don’t need to put any sugar syrup anymore I’m delighted. It’s really hard to find a decent decadent cake that you don’t need to put any sugar syrups to make it moist.

Back in school we were always told to put simple syrup or flavored syrup on our cakes because the recipes they gave us are really dry. So I was so happy when I made the cake, it’s the cake that I’ve been looking for! 🙂

I placed the 2nd tier the day of the meet-up since I don’t have enough space when putting it together the day before because there’s a 100 pieces individual cupcakes in my refrigerator as well. Hehe. I was happy that it didn’t break. I was scared when I was slowly placing the second tier. But everything worked out well.

The stars on the background are fondant. I tried making fondant so I decided to add it down the cake as a decoration, unfortunately, the fondant is not the kind I’m looking for, it’s kind of weird, but anyway I found a great one and I’ll post the picture of the dummy cake I made in the next few days. I haven’t decorated it yet hehehe. :p

Individually packed Cupcakes with Hello Kitty Toppers

100 pieces of individual packed cupcakes is a lot of work. There’s no problem with the cupcakes and the frosting since you can bake the cupcakes and make the frostings in batches. But folding the boxes and making the toppers is taking up most of my time. I have to fold the boxes and acetates, since the acetate cover doesn’t fit the box properly I still have to tape the edges so that I can fit them at ease, if not, it’s like hell. 😮 I usually start making the boxes a few days ahead since it takes a lot of my time, and I do it in the evening, before dinner then I finish them around 2am – 3am the next day.

Toppers is another factor, aside from the fact that it needs to dry up, you have to make sure you have a few pieces extras so that in case one of them breaks, you still have back up. It takes me around 8 – 14 hours to finish especially when it’s a 100 pcs. or so. You have to outline everything first then flood them with colored icing one by one. It looks easy when flooding it, but it’s not. You have to make sure the outline is still visible, so that the emphasis on the deisred design will be seen, and you have to carefully flood it since if it goes over the outline, well good luck on cleaning them. It’s difficult to flood especially when you have a little amount of space to flood and you want to create an distinctive design for it. Outlining is important for toppers, since it gives you guidance especially for Mickey Mouse designs, Hello Kitties, and others. It’s hard when you don’t have it, it won’t look the same. 🙂

For my cake designs, I usually visualize it first, I never sketch it down, it’s all in my head then I try to make it on the cake itself. So far, it’s been successful. I hope in the future, it’ll still work. 🙂 But every time I have some cake orders I think of the designs sometimes on the spot or before I sleep. 😛

I was really happy with this project even though it’s really tiring, but the results and feedback are positive, those sleepless nights are worth it.


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