Photo stealing

Photo stealing without any permission is really unacceptable. I even put watermarked on my photos, so that no one will have the guts to steal it. Unfortunately, someone with the name of Mats Jmrc on Facebook did it.

I just logged in and surfed facebook about an hour ago and noticed that she was making a cake, for a client. I decided to check her profile and see what products she was selling. I mean come on, every seller does that. Then I decided to check her customized cupcakes album and I was surprised with what I saw – there are 4 photos that was mine (it was definitely mine since it had watermarks on and my LOGO on the picture) was in her photo album.

I was shocked and really aggravated, first, she didn’t ask permission to use my photos, and lastly, what the hell is she doing? She’s using my photos with my watermark and all, is she insane or what?

Check this album

She took photo numbers: (if I remember correctly) 14, 15, 16 and 17.

So I commented on her photo, and she PMed me (the conversation is above).

She told me she got it on Google, but then coincidentally, I was her friend on Facebook, then she instantly deleted me and blocked me. Apparently she also asked my cream puffs price before. Tsk tsk.

I worked hard for my projects and here’s a bitch that will just steal your photos. Come on, if you’re a baker/pattissiere, have some professionalism, you can bake, take a picture of what you bake! Maybe it’s a flop that’s why you steal photos from other cupcakes sellers.

Get a life.

For those of you who wants to know who the stealer is here are her links:

See my logos? I took it on her second account, this is the photo album:


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