The Barney and Friends Project, etc.

Barney and friends Fondant Cake

Last week was one of my most busy weeks. Apart from the Sesame street project. This time I was literally swamped with a lot of stuff.

First was the Barney project which consists of a 9″ fondant cake (shown above), 100 pieces Sugar Cookies and 80 pieces Individual packed cupcakes with Barney and friends fondant toppers.

Making fondant toppers takes a lot of time to do. Especially when the project is a cartoon character themed. I made 60 pieces of Angry Birds before and it took me 3 hours to do all of them. It was meticulous since there’s a lot of elements going on with each bird. And I try as much as possible to make them look alike the original one.

I was stressed with the Barney and friends since at first I have no idea how to execute them. It may look easy but it’s really complicated. The face alone you have to make it precise.

I have to rush the cake though, since I was not informed that the date of the even was changed. Instead of Sunday last week it was changed to Saturday, which the client only informed me the day before the event. I was like what the hell.

I was so rushed because I had other orders to do, an old client ordered 50 pieces of Disney Princess themed Sugar Cookies which I was able to finish in advance, 100 pieces Cake Pops and another 50 pieces of Customized Halloween Sugar Cookies.

I was swamped with work. Lol. I was kind of frustrated but I was relieved that I made the cake Thursday night, or else I’m doomed if I did it on friday the cake would be too soft to be draped with fondant, the tendency the cake might break because of the heaviness of the fondant. It needs to be firm before being draped with fondant.

Chocolate Cupcakes draped in fondant with Barney and Friends Toppers

I’m supposed to add more decorations for these cupcakes, but due to the lack of time, I didn’t even bother to add them since it would take a lot of time, and time is what I need. Lol. But without other decorations the cupcake looks fine.

Sugar Cookies

I can’t say anything about these designs since I’ve made them tons of times already hehe. :))

Disney Princess Sugar Cookies

Disney characters is probably one of the most difficult things to draw, what more to make it using royal icing. I’m not aiming for perfection for this items I just want them to at least have a resemblance to the original ones. I think it worked though. Haha. I think I did alright.

Customized Halloween Sugar Cookies

So an old client of mine ordered 50 pieces of Halloween sugar cookies. I have the shaped ones but it’s quite a bit expensive so she ordered the simple ones. Anyway this week alone I made 200 pieces of cookies. It was a first and I was glad I’m able to pull it off. I’ll post another entry for the shaped ones.

Here are the other designs I made:

And the cake pops! Lol, I had a hard time making them. I thought it would be easy, but no. I think it’s too time consuming. I’d rather do these cookies but hey, what the customer wants the customer gets. :p

Cake Pops

It was stressful, messy and fun. Haha. If ever I’m gonna do these again, I’m gonna need a lot of space and hands!

So that’s it for now. 🙂 Next sugar cookie project will be vampires and fangs! Lol. It will be on the end of November though. 😀


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