Barbie Fondant Cake

Barbie Fondant Cake

I just made this afternoon, the Barbie doll was brought by my client so that I can place it on top of the cake.

If I’m correct, this is the latest Barbie movie, Barbie Princess Charm School.

The Cake is Chocolate Butter Cake and the frosting is Chocolate Buttercream.

I mananged to make it look Barbie-ish by mixing light pink, barbie pink, purple and yellow colors.

Oh and I added a big bow behind Barbie to add more element.

I taped a stick inside Barbie’s dress so that it will hold still and won’t fall down.

It’s really pretty and I am happy with the result. It didn’t take me a long time to do this.

I’m also happy that you can now bend Barbie’s knees… or it’s for this doll only? Hahaha. I’m a Barbie fan before when I was a kid. I remember that most of my Birthdays and Christmas gifts were all Barbie the dolls, the cars, everything. It was weird hahaha. I’m not so much of a pink fan, but I love Barbie! πŸ™‚

I had fun doing this, it brings me back to the good old days when I used to play Barbie a lot! πŸ™‚ Ah nostalgia… πŸ™‚


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