Basketball Fondant Cake

Basketball theme Fondant Cake

Merry Christmas! Sorry for the late post. Been busy during Christmas week and weeks before that. 🙂

A classmate back in High School contacted me a few months and asked me to do a cake and giveaways for his son’s first birthday last December 18. I asked him the theme and he said basketball, and gave me the invitation card. From there, I started to think of designs what can I do with the cake. I ended up following some of the designs from the cake, I saw some scoreboard decoration and bought it. I feel contented with the end product. I’m happy that my friend liked it as well. I don’t want to put a lot of elements in the cake since the basketball on top of the cake is a decor itself (the dome shape was made from styro).

I managed to stick those two using the pearl green balls, adding a little Tylose glue to secure it. 🙂

Basketball theme Sugar Cookies

He also ordered 150 pcs. of Sugar Cookies, (first from 100 pcs. then changed 130 pcs. and last minute changes 150 pcs.) I thank God that you don’t have to put a lot of designs in a basketball themed cookie, just make it look like a basketball, but it also took me a lot of time (2 days, to be exact, but with all the errands I’ve been doing, I have no choice but to divide my workload).

Aside from these projects, I’ve been doing other orders as well. It’s been a stressful week but I had fun over the weekend, I was able to find time for my friends and had an overnight party at a hotel somewhere in the city. Although some of the people weren’t able to spend the night with us and some actually didn’t come over, I still had fun. It’s nice to leave my stressed life for a while and have fun. 🙂


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