Noche Buena

Fusilli with Christmas Ham and Tomato-Thyme Sauce

Me and my family celebrated Christmas together and this is what we ate. 🙂 I made the Pasta, and made it spicy by adding Chili flakes, and my family loved it.


Fruit and Cheese Platter

Coffee Jellies

This was the new product that my Ku-kong (my Grandmother’s older brother) made for their company. I looked good at this picture I took it the night before, but I had 3 jellies to spare and my sisters and I ate it last night, the jelly shrunk, and there’s water around the jellies. Even it’s my relative’s product, I have to consider this a fail. I followed the instructions thoroughly, but the jelly is not stable, just as what I’ve predicted.

Fruit Salad

It’s kind of sad though, only a few people light some fireworks, I miss those days where even if it’s Christmas you can see a lot of pretty fireworks. I miss those days.

I had fun, I was so full that I ended up sleeping around 3 am. Lol. And have to wake up around 8 am to catch a movie, since we reserved tickets, we have to be at the mall early to claim it. Lol. Tiring but fun. I can’t wait on New Year’s eve! 🙂

Merry Christmas and enjoy the last week of 2011! 😀


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