Singapore-Indonesia Trip Part 1

Laksa with Shredded Chicken

I’ve been out of the country for 9 days. I went to Indonesia to visit my best friend whom I’ve met 5 years ago when I studied in San Francisco. It was pretty funny because I clearly remembered we made a promise to each other that we’ll meet again in 5 years study again. But then, a lot of things changed. She got married and already have a son who just celebrated his 1st Birthday last January 15th. It was pretty all of a sudden, with all of the ruckus of credit cards not working and such. Pretty crazy, but fortunately I was able to book a flight and visit her.

My first stop was Singapore, there’s no direct flight from Manila to Pekanbaru, so I have to stay in Singapore then fly from there to her hometown. I stayed there for a day (in her family’s condominium) I arrived at her place around 3 in the afternoon, it’s a 10 minute ride from the airport to her place by cab, then I met her youngest sister for the first time and met her younger again whom I met back in SF 5 years ago. Anyway, me and her sister went to Parkway Parade and she treated me with Laksa,a Singaporean noodle soup made with curry, coconut milk and chicken broth, sliced egg (yes, the egg in the picture is sliced), shredded chicken, bean sprouts, chili, coriander and fish cake are added in the soup.

It’s my first time eating it and I pretty much enjoyed the soup (because I’m a curry fan), I was pretty full after I ate them. Then she bought me a can of green tea which is refreshing after eating a spicy soup.

Heaven and Earth’s Jasmine Green Tea

I really like the taste of this canned drink, if I’m correct it is made of real tea, because I can still feel some bits of tea twigs (correct me if I’m wrong) in this drink. There’s also a lot of variety, there’s Apple, Lemon, Passionfruit (?), Chrysanthemum and Original Green Tea flavored drinks.

Scoopz! Ice Cream (Rum and Raisin and Mint Chocolate Chip)

For dessert, we stopped by in this Ice Cream Shop, it’s all handmade and it’s amazing. The texture is like Gelato, but this one’s gooey and chooey, a different texture but I really liked it. My best friend’s sister ordered their famous Rum and Raisin flavor while I stuck on my ever favorite Mint Chocolate Chip.

After that we walked around the mall and headed home. The next day, we left early, the brought me to the airport, left Singapore, the flight was really fast though, it only took us 35 minutes from Singapore to Pekanbaru. It was pretty funny though, everything felt surreal I was happy that I saw my best friend but I’m still feeling in a kind of daze, so she thought I wasn’t happy to be there, but I really am happy.

Unfinished Birthday Cake

The theme for my godson’s birthday party was Precious Moments, so the colors should play around light, pastel colors, we decided to use blue and white. Make it simple, yet elegant for the first birthday party. We did the first 3 layers which are all dummies, then the last layer was a real cake (will post picture in one of the next entries).

My first day consists of eating home-cooked Indonesian food. Which was really yummy. I loved the fact that they also use, soy sauce (sweetened), vinegar and chilies or Indonesian hot sauce for dipping. I loved the fermented beancurd, it was sweet (because of the caramelized sugar).

 J.Co Donut dusted in powdered sugar (given for free) and Plain Yogurt with Blueberries, Strawberries and Honey Stars

I knew J.Co will be opening in Metro Manila soon, so when my friend brought me here she told me that it originated in Indonesia. I tasted their donut and it was really good! It has just enough sweetness unlike Krispy Kreme which is overly sweet, really loved it. The yogurt is also really good as well, it’s like Red Mango and White Hat mixed together. The blue Precious Moment paper you see on the back of the donut will be used to cover the chocolate for my godson’s birthday.

There will be more posts to come on my adventure in Pekanbaru. I will be posting a lot of food pictures on the coming posts. 🙂

Scoopz! Ice Cream is located at: 80 Marine Parade Road, #B1-154 Parkway Parade, Singapore, 449269 and Upper Thomson 222 Upper Thomson Road Singapore, 574354.

J.Co Donuts and Coffee has branches in several parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai, China and soon to open in Manila, Philippines. Here’s their website:


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