Singapore – Indonesia Trip Part 2

Mie Pangsit

Day 2 in Pekanbaru, my best friend brought me to Sinar Harapan, a noodle restaurant in Pekanbaru. The interiors is quite similar to Binondo’s (Manila’s Chinatown District) noodle shops, very old, yet has a homey feeling. I think I ate in this restaurant twice or thrice, and I really loved the noodles, especially when you add hot sauce in it. Mie Pangsit consists of egg noodles, chicken (yes, the red ones are chickens, similar to Sio Ma here in Manila, it doesn’t taste the same though), diced mushrooms, toasted garlic, and green onions.

Condiments and Iced Tea

Their iced tea is made from real tea and added with tablespoons (I have no idea how many) of sugar to sweeten it. It’s pretty refreshing after a meal.

After eating breakfast we decided to continue making some royal icing toppers for the sugar cookies and bake the cookies as well, then at lunch we went out to eat at Koki Sunda with Sofia. Koki Sunda serves Sundanese cuisine.

Koki Sunda’s Interiors

When we got there they asked me where I want to sit, I decided to seat on the floor (right picture).

Fruit Rojak – Pineapples, Green Mangoes, Jicamas (Benkoang in Indonesia), Cucumbers with Rojak dressing

For appetizers, you can get this in a booth, it’s an all you can eat appetizer. There’s a vegetable Rojak and a fruit Rojak option. I chose to get the fruits, the dressing has this sweet-spicy taste, the flavors compliment really well. In my opinion, the dressing is well-paired with pineapples.

According to Wikipedia, the dressing is made out of shrimp paste (bagoong alamang in the Philippines), sugar, lime juice, chili and water. I really liked the sauce, lol. Maybe I should try and make them here, since we also have shrimp paste here. 🙂

Our Drinks

I deeply apologize that I wasn’t able to list what our drinks are. But if some of you readers know, kindly give me a message so I can re-write this. From left I think it’s dalandan juice, the middle one is sweet, it’s a dessert actually like the third one from right. There’s condensed milk, shaved ice, jelly(?), I think flan (creme caramel) as well, the third from right is all fruits, dragon fruit, papaya, melon in a sweet juice. I find it to sweet for my liking, but I liked that they really serve fresh fruits. 🙂

Nasi Timbel – consists of plain rice, fried chicken, dried fish, fish crackers, fried chicken, green and red chili pastes and salad in peanut sauce paired with soup

For our main entree, It’s Nasi Timbel, the rice is wrapped in a banana leaf, it’s like a complete set of meal so after you ate everything you’re really full. 🙂

They also serve soup together with this meal, and I was too full to finish everything.

The soup tastes like our local Sinigang, the taste is sour with vegetables, the only difference is it has corn in it. 🙂

I get to eat to this restaurant again at dinnertime after my godson’s birthday party. I get to eat Sate Ayam meal, but I didn’t get the chance to picture it since my camera ran out of battery at the same time my phone’s battery died as well.

I really had fun tasting authentic Indonesian cuisines, it’s like a new thing for me. Basically the places they’ve brought me has really good food. If I go back in Pekanbaru with my friends here in Manila, I would definitely like them to try these restaurants. 🙂

After our lunch, we headed back to my best friend’s parents house and re-did the toppers as well at cleaning up. At dinner, ate another home-cooked meal by my best friend’s mom.

I don’t know, but I really like their home-cooked meals, it makes you feel like home even though I’m home away from home. 🙂

Sinar Harapan is located at Jl. Insinyur Haji Juanda, Pekanbaru, Riau

Koki Sunda is locared at Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.247, Pekanbaru, Riau.

Credits to: Wikipedia


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