Singapore – Indonesia Trip Part 3

Potato Donuts and Risoles

Day 3! We managed to finish the sugar cookie and we let them dry, then we left it and went to the bookstore. We came across this small stall where they sell donuts made from potatoes and Indonesian croquettes. My best friend bought some so that I can taste them.

Potato donuts tastes like regular donuts, they are dusted with powdered sugar as well. While the Risoles, were potato croquettes with fillings of cheese, hotdogs and chili sauce. If you’re bold enough you can also add bird’s eye chili and eat it together.


I also got to try a Grape flavored Milk tea. I never heard of it until then so I decided to try it. It was surprisingly good and I was able to finish it quickly.

Grape flavored Milk Tea

At first I thought it would be like the Mentos’ grape flavor, but it wasn’t it has grape and milk tea taste, when you think about it, it sounds weird but when you start to sip it, all your doubts will be thrown out. It was pretty addicting.

Serba Lezat’s Side Dishes

During dinner, my best friend’s dad, her older sister, sofia, my best friend and me went to this restaurant to eat dinner together. The restaurant’s name is Serba Lezat. The picture above are the side dishes, the middle one are like chips in hot sauce, if you know Matahari, Indonesian Deli here in Manila you must know their Vegetable Chips, that’s exactly what it is minus the sweet factor, these are plain raw chips, but Sofia said it’s not made of vegetables, it’s still a bit bitter like the ones in Matahari. One similar dish that we also have here in Manila are Kangkong (left, beside the chips) and Langka (Jackfruit) cooked in Coconut Milk (far right corner, from the chips). These side dishes, when you didn’t touch or eat them you can return them back, just put them aside and tell them that you didn’t eat them, there’s no additional charge, you’ll only pay the side dishes you’ve eaten.

One thing that surprised me was Indonesians also eat with their hands. I thought only Filipinos do that, when my best friend’s dad asked me if I can eat with my bare hands, they were also surprised when I said I do. They couldn’t believe it too, according to them, it’s a tradition to eat the foods served by hand. I guess being our countries are neighbors we have a lot of similarities. I thought it was only the language, but also some traits are similar as well.

Dalandan Juice

Gurami Bakar (Barbecued Fish, below) with Red and Green Chilies (Sambal, top)

I ate Gurami Bakar twice, one was during lunch time, my best friend’s mom bought it for lunch and one during dinner. I think I liked the best. It’s so good with the chilies and rice. Although you have to be careful with the bones, but it’s soft and buttery texture. I don’t know what kind of fish they used though. It’s in Indonesian but they don’t know how we call it in English.

Her dad also ordered fried chicken for us as well, it was good but I liked the fish more since I’ve been eating chicken since forever before I left Manila.

They asked me which was the best food I’ve tasted so far, this is definitely the one. Haha, I think this fish dish is the one that you shouldn’t miss when you drop by Pekanbaru.

Serba Lezat is located at Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 59, Pekanbaru Riau.

Matahari Indonesian Deli has stalls in SM Megamall, TriNoMa, SM North Edsa and other malls located in Manila.


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