Singapore – Indonesia Trip Part 4

Best friend and Sofia busy adding the final touches of the cake

4th day! After we woke up and took our bath, we decided to finish the last remaining details on the cake. Since we will be placing a real Precious Moments figurine on top, we decided to put it the day itself. After finishing the last minute details, we cleaned up and left and went to eat breakfast, do rounds around the city, check thehotel, buy last minute candies for the candy bar.

Butter Cake with Nutella Frosting

Very busy girls

Around early afternoon, we headed back and added the cake board we made out of styrofoam, gift wrapped the presents (for contest prizes), and they bought me some Indonesian snacks while we were grocery shopping.

Indonesian Snacks (L-R) Risoles (Potato), Kueh Lapis Kukus, Kueh Lapis Kukus with Desicatted Coconut(? correct me please), Sticky rice with Chicken and Curry Potato Puff

The Kueh Lapis Kukus is similar to Filipino’s Sapin-sapin, minus the toasted coconut on top. The Sticky rice with Chicken  (I don’t know how they called it) is like our Biko minus the chicken, the only difference is theirs is savory while ours is sweeter.

Chinese Salad – consists of Lettuce, Sambal, Toasted Garlic, Chopped Nuts in a sweet-spicy dressing

We had dinner at Anom Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant in Pekanbaru. Because of heavy traffic, it took a while for my best friends brother, his girlfriend and her dad’s friend to come over. But the food really nice, it’s not similar in taste with our local Chinese food, except for the vegetables. But I liked it, especially the vegetables and the chicken.

Chinese dishes at Anom restaurant

The same with Philippines’ Lauriat servings. Fit for a group of people. 🙂

My fruit drink for the night

I’m not even sure what kind of fruit this is, but it is sour. I’m a fan of sour stuff so I liked it very much. They can’t tell me what this is in English so can anyone help me? But anyway, if you like Green Mango shake, go for this one when you drop by here. I think it’s also available in other restaurants around Indonesia as well.

Aside from the cake, we also managed finish adding fondant on the cupcakes (pictures will be on the next blog entry) and pack the sugar cookies once we got home. It was a very long day especially for my best friend who’s in charge of everything.


2 thoughts on “Singapore – Indonesia Trip Part 4

    • The Precious Moments figurine was bought by my best friend in Singapore. 🙂 I live in the Philippines though. Happy Birthday to her! 🙂

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