Singapore – Indonesia Trip Part 5 (A Precious Moments Themed Project)

4-tier Fondant Cake (Butter Cake with Chocolate Spread)

Fifth day in Pekanbaru. And it’s the day of my godson’s birthday party! The picture above was the final cake. We wanted to make it simple, yet elegant. Since it’s for a baby who’s turning one. No need of too much detail. The base is 15″ in diameter and 6″ in height, the second layer is 10″ in diameter and 8″ in height, third layer is 8″ in diameter and 6″ in height and the last layer is 5″ in height and 6″ in height.

It was supposed to be a 7-tiers but it would be too much and it will be really heavy. That 4-tier cake needs 2-3 people to carry it properly. Imagine 7-tiers, haha. The top layer is the cake while the rest are all dummies, if it were to be all real cakes, then we have to separate everything and do the set-up on the event site.

Candy Bar Set-up

One of the highlights of the event was the Candy bar, which me, my best friend and Sofia did before the event started. We were at the hotel around 7:30 – 8:00 am. It’s like a small sweet shop, there’s jelly sticks, cupcakes, M&M’s, Hershey’s Kisses, Gummies, Fruit Loops, Marshmallows, Lollipops, Chocolates, Iced cookies, Sugar Cookies and Water bottles. The chocolates were wrapped in a Precious Moments (my best friend personally ordered the papers online, it’s custom made for her) as well as the water bottles.

Precious Moments themed Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies were also made by me and my bestfriend, the Precious Moments themed face was also made by us by piping. It’s too bad we couldn’t find a wax paper in the supermarkets otherwise we would have made more Precious Moments faces, being resourceful, I decided to pipe letter “A” with the leftovers, it stands for my godson’s name Alexus.

The cookies were a hit, since I’m guessing there’s only a few people who does this? Or none? I’m not so sure. Haha.

Vanilla Cupcakes covered with Fondant

I would’ve wanted this to have a buttercream frosting but my best friend told me just do the fondant one. But it did turned out good though. The top layer is my friend’s Precious Moments figurine, just like the one in the cake. She loves Precious Moments thus the theme of the party.

Pictures of Alexus

Of course, there’s a table full of Alexus’ photos plus more Precious Moments figurines!

Kue Lapis Legit (with Prunes)

Kue Lapis Legit (Pandan flavor)

I remember eating this back in San Francisco. My best friend let me taste it, and I like the texture. When I was in Indonesia, they told me I haven’t tried the authentic one yet. So during the party and there were leftovers of the Kue Lapis Legit (means ‘very’ rich layer cake). Kue Lapis Legit or Spekkoek are influenced by the Dutch when they conquered Indonesia during the colonial period, this is also called Baumkuchen in Europe. I like the pandan flavored Lapis more, but the one with Prunes was good as well.

More J Co. Donuts!

J Co. Donuts! Lol. I get to taste more of them after the party. Haha. Well I didn’t get to try everything but it’s gonna open in Manila soon so I will be able to try more flavors and I’m excited.

Gift Prizes and Loot bags for winners and giveaways for kids

The Emcees in the party was weird! They keep on singing love songs. Even if I don’t understand Indonesian I can tell it’s not a kids song. The party looked lame because of them. The hotel should have like hired a clown or something! Even the Mickey Mouse (not really) mascot was also lame. Lol. Blame it on the Hotel, they told my friend that they’ll handle everything but it was an epic fail! I have to say, if I were the one in charge of the events in the hotel I would make sure the emcee and the mascot would be entertaining.

Souvenirs for guests! These pillows are hand-made by my best friend’s sister

I saw my best friend’s sister was making these when I arrived in Singapore. I can’t sew so I was really impressed, it was really pretty and I got to take one home for me. They wanted me to take at least like two pieces more but I was so lazy I told them one is okay. Haha.

I haven’t got the chance to take pictures of the foods, but it’s still similar with what I’ve been eating all throughout my stay there so I guess it’s okay. The food wasn’t the highlight, I think the candy bar was, since most kids and adults (including me) have been coming back and forth the candy bar. The jelly sticks was awesome, they bought it in Singapore, it’s made of Honey then they added fruit flavors.

It was a buffet set-up, there are a few tables where they prioritize their elders to sit. Then adults will have to stand up while they’re eating. I get to sit though since I ate after the party.

The event took place in Grand Elite Hotel in Pekabaru. It is a nice hotel but the way they handled the events was blah. They should know what would fit the party, and they know it’s a kids party after all.

My Invitation Card

I told my best friend to save one invitation card for me, for my keepsakes and I’m glad she did. I really liked it. This was made by Dapur&Co. The company is also the official photographer of the event. I really love their photos, it’s really creative. Hope you like my Precious Moments themed Project!

Grand Elite Hotel is located at Komplek Riau Business Center, Jl. Riau Pekanbaru, Pekanbaru 28292, Indonesia. Contact Number: +62761860988.

Dapur&Co (Facebook Page) 


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