Singapore – Indonesia Trip Part 6

Bread Botique, Bread and Cafe Logo

Day 6. We had breakfast in this bread shop called Bread Botique. It looks like Breadtalk, I guess the shop made a huge impact across Asia that’s why a lot of people try to at least follow their trend.

Bread Botique Cafe Interiors

The interiors are pretty cozy but they need to do some renovations. Some of the seats are broken, the ceiling looks old.



My friend’s Husband ordered this

I forgot the name of this dish. I forgot to write it down in my notebook. So if anyone who knows this kindly give me the name. 😛 It’s basically Indonesian version of a Filipino breakfast, there’s egg, chips, fried rice and two dishes (I think chicken and pork floss?) on both ends. My best friend’s husband was able to join us for breakfast that day.

My friend ordered this for me

Sorry, I really forgot the names of the dishes and haven’t listed it down. But it’s basically a sandwich, after eating this I feel full, since as you can see it is stuffed with egg, tomatoes, cucumber in the middle of a thick, toasted, buttered bread.

Ginger Tea and Crackers at Rumah Diva Spa

After lunch, my best friend, her sister, Sofia, and I went to this new spa place near her home. I was surprised that you would need to remove everything and just wear a disposable diaper and a sarong. It was pretty awkward since here in Manila we have to wear pajamas. After the 75-minute massage, we were asked to take a shower and rub lotion on our body, we were also asked what tea we would like to have. I chose Ginger Tea, so after I went out on the lounge area, our tea were served together with two pieces of crackers.

The masseuse is really strong, lol. I had experience one of the strongest massages ever. But my best friend say it was not good. But I guess she knows what’s best in her country.

And I accidentally left my phone charger here, but was lucky to retrieve it back the next day. I have to give them credits for that. I like honest people.

Rumah Diva Spa Interiors

Chicken Sate (Sate Ayam) and Lontong in Peanut Sauce

This is pretty addicting, I really loved the peanut sauce and Lontong. Lontong is made out of rice that is compressed, wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in boiling water. It’s tasteless by it’s own but it’s really good with the peanut sauce, we ate this after eating dinner, it’s like a midnight snack for everyone. 🙂

After the birthday party, the day was pretty slow since we just have to stay in the house, but it was fun since we talked about everything under the sun, well, sort of.

Rumah Diva Spa is located at Jl. Kartini Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia.

Bread BoutiQue is located atJl. Jend. Gatot Subroto No. 13 – 17, Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia.


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