J.Co Donuts and Coffee in Manila

J. Co Donuts (L – R Green Tease and Avocado Dicaprio)

If you remember my trip to Indonesia, I introduced you to J. Co Donuts while visiting one of the malls there. And it finally opened in Manila (sad that the opening in their Trinoma branch is delayed). I was waiting for one of my clients to arrive in SM Megamall when I remembered that J. Co already opened. So I went to search and look around and check it out.

I’ve tried several of their flavors and my all time favorites are those two donuts pictured above. I’ve been craving for donuts for quite some time, and I was hungry since I didn’t get to eat breakfast, so I decided to purchase two pieces.

Green Tease – consists of a green tea Matcha cream filling and a green tea Matcha glaze. You can really taste the bitterness of the Matcha, which is good. You can tell that they didn’t deprive you with flavors.

Avocado Dicaprio – consists of avocado cream filling, avocado glaze and chocolate sprinkles on the side. You would definitely be weirded out at first, avocado on a donut? But I can assure you this is one of their best donut flavors.

What I love about their donuts is that they’re not really sweet. Their taste is just right. Unlike other donut chains  that sells overly sweet donuts.

J. Co Donuts and Coffee Interiors

What’s really cool about them is that everything is baked fresh, literally, their glazes are wet, unlike other donut stores, that their glazes have set-up already. Their interiors are pretty cozy as well. And what’s good with their store is they have Frozen Yogurt (it’s yummy, check my past blog post here) and coffees of your choice (their Thai Iced Coffee is yummy, I’ve tried it in Indonesia).

You should also try Alcapone, it’s one of their best flavors too.

Alcapone – a ring donut topped with a sugar glaze and with a generous amount of sliced California almonds.

Here’s their price range:

Php 42.00 / piece

Php 230.00 / half dozen

Php 350.00 / dozen

Php 550.00 / 2 dozens

J. Co Donuts and Coffee is located at The Strip, G/F SM Megamall – Mega B, Edsa corner Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila


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